SPAR Ladies Race 19.08.2018

Today was bold, beautiful and sunny.  The complete opposite to the weather yesterday.  It’s almost as if I changed countries given the extreme difference in weather conditions in the past 24 hours.

10 kms #SPAR ladies.  The hype, excitement and energy was truly encouraging.  I was very pleased that there were no water sachets.  Participants were given a bottle of branded water at the start and were specifically asked to dispose of the bottles in a rubbish bin.  Sadly a number of participants threw their bottles down when they had dispensed with them, some even throwing down bottles that were unopened or partly drunk. What is it with the human race that we just ‘throw’ stuff away without thinking?

A big shout out to all the behind the scenes teams who make an event like this possible for people like me to participate.  The marshals, time keepers, traffic officials, street cleaners and many more are the back bone to events like this.

To my walking companion, who ran the 10 kms, then came back and walked the last two kilometres with me a big thank you.  A young man in his early twenties who has the spirit of a lion and the manners of a gentleman.
If you would like a #WomenInBusiness T-shirt please message me.  All fund raised go to #JLMT.  I am very fortunate to be working with #JLMT and #WomenInBusiness who invest in our youth and country by encouraging Eco Conservation and being environmentally aware.  As the CEO and leader of Women In Business, I am dedicating every kilometre that I walk to raising funds and awareness of conservation of our environment.  I work in association with The Jonny Lowe Memorial Trust (JLMT) to encourage responsible and educational learning about our precious environments. JLMT has supported many environmental projects.  See for more details.  Please get involved by contacting us for more details on how you can support this very worthy cause. 

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