Ticking the Women’s Day Box

Another year, another Women’s Day public holiday, another box ticked by government ensuring that functions, events and celebrations have been held.  Another great meal, over priced venue and event management companies, full bellies by those who don’t need the meal, pics in the press.  Good bye 2017 Women’s Day!

The Women who should be supported, acknowledged and “entertained” are those who continue to sit at the Taxi Rank selling their wares, on the street corners, outside businesses with large work forces.  The women who through their megre earnings and very early morning wake up to get to their place of business on time, who support extended families and often children who are not their own.  These women are the true entrepreneurs of South Africa.  The ones who see an opportunity and use it, no matter how megre the profits.  These are the women who need to be supported, developed, mentored.  Use the funds made available for the vast high profile functions to benefit the rural ladies who work so hard, with no acknowledgement, help or support.

I will continue to champion for these ladies.  If we could get even half of what the govenment Women’s Desk spends on functions and events, we could make an incredible difference to these rural entrepreneurs through training, development, support and mentoring.  Something which is currently unavailable to them.  Do not believe the politically rehearsed chorus of how much government do for rural women.  The “support” is way out of reach of the vast majority of women the Women’s Desk purports to serve.


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